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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 17, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> >> the truth isn't what i said.
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venom back on a lifetime of lies. >> armstorng: i've said it for 7 years, i've said if for longer than 7 years, i have never doped. >> pam: in a single word he confesses that all his cycling triumphs are the result of cheating. >>oprah: did you ever take banned substances to enhance your performance? >> armstorng: yes. >> pam: lance armstrong makes his first public admission of using performance enhancing drugs. during a lengthy interview with oprah winfrey. after a decade of defiance and deinal. the disgraced cyclnig champion changes course. and acknowledges that he couldn't have won a record 7-tour-de-france titles. without doping. grant lodes joins us now with more from tonight's tell-all interview. >> from testosterone, to human growth hormones. he said that the use them for all seven victories he did
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not think it was human the possibly seven consecutive times without using this has doping. >> i see this as one big lie and i repeat it bailout. as you said it is not as if i just said no. this story was so perfect for so long and i mean that i tried to take this out of the situation to work on the disease and to have victory, seven times, happy marriage, and children. the perfect story and it was not true. i think that this ruthless desire to win. it serves me well. entering the diseases. the level that it went to for whatever reason. that the
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finance, that attitude, that arrogance. >> part two of the armstrong interview will be tomorrow night. it is expected to be the largest for her that work. >> pam: all new at 8. more than a million dollars in gold nuggets were stolen out of a northern california courthouse last year. tonight we're learning that the thieves may be right here in the bay area. kron 4's j.r. stone has more on this exclusive story. only on four. thanks to photographer mel fechter for these gold pictures. sheriff lopey told me today that arrests in this case are likely to come in the next week. he believes that real estate
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>> they sold the gold to various dealers and pawnshops. in the bay area. this is a surveillance of the thieves that the deputies are looking for they had to pantyhose over their face. no security because this heist took place during the night and it only took a couple of minutes. >> that gold represented the pioneer spirit of our country. >> id is possible that it has been melted it down. no arrests have been made but there is a strong piece of evidence on their side. they have abandons the dna. >> they wanted to get dna
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samples to be there identify or eliminate them as suspects. >> at a special thank-you to photographer fletcher for these photographs. the rest is likely to become miss this week been purchased with the stolen gold. pam now back to you. >> pam: the first death from the current flu outbreak. meantime, some pharmacies across the bay area have to temporarily run out. as a result of some customers have been asked to return at a later date. reggie kumar tells us about some of the stores that are art. the cbssome pharmacies and stores across the bay area have temporarily run out of the flu vaccine. as a result, some customers are being asked to return at a later date. when the next shipment arrives. kron 4' s reggie kumar
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tells us about some of the stores which are out. the cvs pharmacy in walnut creek on south california is completeley out of flu vaccine. a pharmacy technician told me they were supposed to get a new shipment in this week, but its been delayed and won't arrive until next wednesday. the cvs pharmacy on lincoln avenue in san jose also has no flu shots available. its next shipment will arrive sometime next week. >> we called his pediatrician and also called retail pharmacies and they were out. if >> reporter: reggie kumar,
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kron 4. in marin county. several stores are out of the vaccine. the cvs in mill valley says it will get more next week. and.some stores in greenbrae also have none available. cvs released this statement about the flu vaccine shortage. "cvs pharmacy has been providing flu shots since early fall and the current high demand is unprecendented this year, some of our locations are experiencing sporadic shortages. one parent at a fremont hospital told kron 4 she had a difficult time finding a place where she could vaccinate her child. reggie kumar kron 4news >> pam: continuing our team coverage of the flu outbreak, kron 4's charles clifford has a look at how the illness is spreading across the country and here in the bay area. >> reporter: when people get sick they tend to go online and search for things like flu remedies. for the past few years google has been collecting this search data and using it to track the spread of the flu. they call it google flu trends and right now flu trends shows
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that the every state is seeing intense or high flu activity. here in california we have high flu activity. this graph shows that right now there's a spike in flu related searches that higher than in any previous year. flu trends also has a feature that shows flu activity in individual cities. google calls it an experimental feature because the results haven't been compared to cdc data. here in the bay area, we can see results for san francisco, oakland , and san jose. in san francisco, flu trends shows that there is intense flu activity, much higher than in previous years. over in oakland, there's high activity and finally in the south bay google flu trends says that there is also high activity in san jose. >> we wanted to bring her
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back in with some inconsistencies. they read interview the mother in chief finally admitted that the entire store was a fabrication. she is considered a suspect with a criminal investigation. we will be discussing the case with the district attorney. and moving forward in hopes of filing charges of a false police report. developing tonight.hayward police are looking for a gunman involved in a shooting. >> the workshop and anchor that this attempted the shock -- and the anger was all a hoax. we were here when family members parked their car on the driveway and walked inside without speaking to the media. it is possible that the mother was one of them. the girls are trusted one of the adults as
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mother. they were even considering starting a neighbor of watch program because of the alleged abduction. we all know that this is a folphony--fake. >> it is frustrating there are children of their everyday that are taken from their homes. to bring that fear into this community is upsetting. i hope she goes to jail for this. >> wasting tax dollars and government money. we sitting police officers. >> i think that it was all try to get attention it was not smart. >> when it happens for real, the police there will not take it seriously next time. >> reporter: the next-door neighbors saying that despite the will allow the daughters to play with the neighbors' children. despite that she lied to
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authorities and that the neighborhood can get together and develop a neighborhood watch program. san jose, phillipe djegal, kron 4 news. >> jacqueline: of we have been george warmer weather for the last couple of days. hopper'upper 50s-with even 60s in some areas. still mild in a number of locations. a
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cemetery man allegedly selling guns out of his home. dozens of students in the east bay by the east bay were possibly impacted by the noravirus. and how washington is getting ready for the pomp and circumstance of the inauguration on monday. ... [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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um hmma man accused of selling... >> pam: a man accused of selling guns out of his home. is in jail tonight. new at eight. kron 4's alecia reid spoke to the district attorney who says, a number of guns that could have landed in the wrong hands, are now off the streets. >> there were numerous guns and high rounds of ammunition with magazine clips. he is now a convicted felon and is facing a maximum of 10 years. neighbors say there has been problems from this home in the past but this news is shocking. >> they have parties and kids and now that you hear that there are guns. i do
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not know what people are thinking nowadays. >> we are still finding out the history if these were stolen. there were not in the possession of him he is charged with 10 felonies. >> he was in court today and pled not guilty to all charges. the bell was lowered to $150,000. alecia reed, kron 4 news. >> pam: an east bay school has been hit with a suspected outbreak of the norovirus. school officials have taken steps to try and combat the contagious disease. as kron four's terisa estacio reports, parents are also involved in trying to stop the infectious virus from spreading. r >> in lafayette, they're hoping of the worst is over but there also still concerned because the more a virus is so contagious. it was last week when of 113
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kits the suddenly fell ill at the elementary school. officials went into action with custodians to disinfect the school. try to make sure that did it not impact other schools for the superintendent saying that right now they are cautiously optimistic that they have stopped the disease from taking off. and impacting depth of children. >> we have about 100 students therapsid on friday we are down to about 15. so we are hopeful and optimistic that the cleaning practices keeping their children out with systems subsided >> this grandmother who was carpooling saying that her grands >> he did not go to school but the next day he stayed home because he was in pain.
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>> parents are pushing for more hand washing but it is the top ways to prevent it from spreading. antibacterial to not work on the novarvirus.. fortunately we of not gotten sick. >> an lafayette, terisa estacio, kron 4 news. >> pam: for the first time in more than a decade. santa clara's county is voted the top economic region in the country! grant lodes is back with to grant. >> the report is titled "the silicon valley is back." it was released today and santa clara county has the top ranked economy in the nation. in 2011, the south bay was a distant 51st in the country. the san francisco, san mateo, marin region is lumped together and was rated number 36 in the country - up from 57 in
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2011. and the east bay is number 155 - up from 168 a year ago. the santa monica based the study. it indicates the south bay claimed the top spot thanks technology industry. >> jacqueline: 60s expected for the weekend in several locations with upper 60s a look outside at the satellite and radar with this area of high pressure. it is driving the storm will to the north. not much rain for the next several days in fact, blue skies and warmer
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conditions. tomorrow, still chilly. 29 in napa santa rosa. for fairfield, also the 20's and 30's in concord, pleasanton but opera 30's for the bay shore and the south day. 43 in san francisco. 60s in the south bay in cupertino, campbell, milpitas. more low 60s for the inland valleys. 60s in concord, livermore and also 60s for the east bay shore. overall, not three like january. temperatures unseasonably warm. let us take a look at your extended forecast with warmer weekend weather. for the time we go towards tuesday and
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wednesday we will see more cloud coverage and the chance of showers. just a slight chance right now, with drizzle but we will keep you posted as that gets closer. coming up, yelp will produce and publish health reports for eateries. >> the latest of the hoax of the notre dame player and also peckerwoods possibly getting together with his wife.. ex-wife
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president obama's second term officially begins sunday. with a private swearing-in ceremony at the white house. then - the big celebration happens monday. with the public inauguration. expect ceremonies - concerts - and crowds. catherine heenan shows us how the nation is getting ready. >> catherine: remember the 2009 swearing in? huge crowds. so big - that a lot of people got lost.mis- directed. even stuck in underground walkways - missing the whole ceremony. this year there will be fewer people on the mall. and better strategies to move them in the right direction. across the country - people have been getting ready. children who will perform in a circus. trainers getting the beautifully groomed horses prepared. >> we were hoping to practice good enough to get invited. >> catherine: and lots of high school bands.including this one from washington state. they've been practicing for this for a whole year.long before even being sure of an invitation. the tradition of a public generations mckinley's inaugural parade
8:26 pm
in 1897. teddy roosevelt's in 1905. one of the biggest changes over the years. this year it will include swat teams. bob-sniffing dogs. teams trained on weapons of --bomb sniffing mass destruction. even a dive team will be standing by. among the people lining up paul ryan.the republican congressman who ran for vice-president. he says it's an 'obligation.' making a return appearance- the bible used by abraham lincoln at his inauguration. president obama used it last time - and wants to use it again. he'll also use one owned by the big party is monday - but there will be events sunday through tuesday. everything from the usual balls and the parade. to a special viewing for troops in afghanistan. and you'll be able to watch the inaguration ceremony live during the kron-4 morning news on monday. it will start at 8-30 in theand we'll also have the 24-7 bay area news channel - starting at 10. we'll be right back.
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three >> pam: ahead at eight-30. the dramatic surveillance video of three men trying to rob a jewelry store. how the owner fended them off. and yelp putting restaurant health ratings on its review pages. the reaction from businesses in san francisco. >> jacqueline: it is mild and in some places and cold and others. look. fairfield. we are going to see some contrast like this q x
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now for a look at our top stories at eight-thirty. lance armstrong admits publicly that he used performance enhancing drugs to win 7 tour de france titles. in the first of a two part interview, airing on oprah winfery's network. armstrong said, he could not have gone on the record run of wins without doping. he also said. his admission is quote- too late for most people. stripped of the bronze medal he won in the 2000 summer olympics. >> san jose police are considering filing charges against a woman, who they say, made up a story about a man trying to kidnap her child. the woman claimed, a man tried to snatch her three- year-old daughter from her arms, outside her home tuesday night. but after another interview with investigators. she admitted she made the whole thing up. >> and the first death from the flu has been reported in the bay area. a 98-year-old woman in santa clara county. died earlier this month. flu season has not yet peaked in california. and public health officials are urging people to get a flu shot.
8:33 pm
>> a daring attempt to rob an east bay jewelry store is caught on camera. this is the surveilance video from the plaza jewelry store in menlo park. three men wearing hoods, burst into the store at about 12-30 yesterday afternoon. one pointed a gun at the store owner. >> we saw three guys coming. one guy told a common and the other guy ran in the front. they had hammers. they try to plea to jewelry case >> pam: windows" the store owner's husband surprised the robbers, by pulling out a hand gun from behind the counter. the 3- would-be- robbers ran out of the store empty handed. two of the suspects were later captured by police >> 'yelp' is going to start displaying health inspection
8:34 pm
information about restaurants, bars, and cafes on its review site. san francisco will be the first city in the country to post the new health scores on yelp. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate shows us how it works. and how it could benefit the community. >> you cannot judge an eatery plight its esthetics. bite-andthese are held scores ae not determined by yelp. these are determined directly from the san francisco department database. there would have to choose weather or not to provide yelp with this information. this partnership is being applauded by mayor ed leak. and they are doing a slow introduction, with mayor-ed
8:35 pm
lee-applauding the efforts. i will warn you that some of these can be scary. rodents, roaches, and people not washing their hands. gabe slate tech report >> pam: so how are restaurants in san francisco reacting to news that their health inspection ratings are being posted online? kron-4's scott rates has that part of the story. pietisserie and nido pietisserie and nido others say that it is not necessary >> if they are already posted in the restaurant? >> i cannot know why restaurant should be it is not really any restaurant that you call in it is
8:36 pm
already posted on the wall and is open information. then i personally want to know. >> sometimes i think he helped is a little bit too big for their britches. >> another these writings are being posted the overall plan a nest of the restaurants will increase. reporting in san francisco, scott rates, kron 4. >> you know, we are always looking for the coolest place is in this is certainly qualifies. mexican we have to check this out. and the grand openings for "pie-tisserie" and "nido" >> people call me the pie lady lady. these are made
8:37 pm
from scratch and these take you back >> this colorf with purple berr- prickle >> this is savory progressed. >> this is pie paradise. >> i love i i eat it every day. >> this is from par to table and has the same kitchen mexican. >> this is for the ceviche from farm to cable. >> delicious! and this superstar featured in the bone appetit. it is like the mexican big mac. >> oh my gosh! you may want to ask for napkins or washed it down with this prickly pear lemonade. the key lime
8:38 pm
also have the prickly pear topping. check it out in oakland, kron 4, kron 4. >> the grand opening for bolt will be tomorrow and will be-for both-tomorrow and oakland's "restaurant week" 30's in fairfield here is a look at futurecast. 30's and we could seek 30's and '40's
8:39 pm
again tomorrow. slightly warmer conditions into the afternoon. your weekend forecast, coming up. >> coming up, this is one of those only in san francisco where naked protesters are standing outside the federal building. in the next edition of people behaving badlynow for today's market
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>> know for today's market update. stocks make big gains after strong reports on the housing market and now unemployment claims. all optimistic about the on wall street. the dow soared 84-points to close just shy of 13- thousand-600. the nasdaq jumped up 18- points. and the s-and-p-500 gained eight points. to close at another five-year high.
8:42 pm
>> the days of being forced to withdraw 20 dollars from an a-t-m are coming to an end for some customers. a-t-m's capable of dispensing one- and five- dollar bills. are popping up across the country. chase and p-n-c are rolling out the new machines. which hand out exact change down to the dollar, and may soon dispense coins. the new a-t-ms are free for customers. out-of-network fees will apply for non-customers. >> three days shy, though running back is talking of of life after football gary radnich is next.
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving
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badly. exposed but he wasn't alone, san francisco nudest are trying to get the federal courts to block a ban on nudity due to take effect feb 1st the nudist basically want to be able to walk around the city buck naked and are citing the 1st admendment they say they are exercising their freedom of speech >> to me nudity is a birth right because we were born this way and this is our human body that's being criminalized. so there some of them stood around in the cold weather without a sitch of clothes on waiting for their moment in federal court it was a surreal sight to see all the news crews huttled arould one person giving an interview and this naked guy videotaping now back to the man in th pick dress, he never got naked but he contuined to expose himself the entire time >> he should not be allowed.
8:46 pm
>> now the bad behavior part, here he is protesting that they should be allowed to be stark naked but then attacks a lady >> you support coca cola, shame on you! >> i asked him how come he is not really naked, he is just >> i don't have ansy need to be naked, i don't have ansy need to expose myself but i thing the freedom should be there >> then after more deeper thought he came up with a better answer >> money i used to take the train to come here was made out trees for >> well there you have it a perfectly good reason to walk around buck naked inoh and by the way during the court session, the johnny depth look guy and he girlfriend apparently thought is would be a great idea to make out in the federal courtroom i guess we will see what happes on feb 1 in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e-mail us at m
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>> jacqueline: we did see warmer temperatures. tomorrow is going to be rather cold. away from the coast and portions of the north bay. low 60s expected and it will stay that way. this live look outside of satellite & radar. we are not going to see as much rainfall at this time. dry and warmer conditions. temperatures still rather cold and in santa rosa, napa. for fairfield, 28. pleasanton, freezing at 32 degrees. for the bay shores, temperatures in the upper 30's and low 40's. for the afternoon, 60s. 65 degrees in san jose. for our inland valleys also 60s
8:48 pm
expected. 61 in livermore. for the east bay shore upper 50s and 60s. along the coast, just getting close to ocean beach. and half moon bay. 62 in san francisco and range chances for the north bay. as for the sierras, dry weather. with 50s for the weekend and look at the morning lows. single digits! no rain or snow. we have this blocking pattern it is high-pressure. and will stay mild over the next several days. even towards monday, tuesday, wednesday, this pattern will start to break down. cooler temperatures and even the chance of showers. now, let us check sierra at tahoe. just a few
8:49 pm
inches underneath 100. north star at tahoe. if you would like more information on these in including discount lift tickets >> good evening, everybody and if you do not mind who is the producer? >> and michael. >> pam: michael. >> manager--menninger.. i think he is 25 years old. >> i could hear it behind the weather wall. >> gary: it was kind of cute. but the point is that i have to have a director queues. >> 30 seconds! [laughter]
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>> jacqueline: he is probably giving you fair warning message to walk right into my shot last night. >> gary: i was going to do it tonight but forgot. but i think that a dispute normally save 30 seconds. but this was like one minute. >> pam: he once to make sure. >> gary: the great michael messenger.. but i guess i should probably meet tam. >> pam: yes. >> gary: i am afraid of them! [laughter] afraid of him --. and >> says that he is a good guy. pamela says that he is a good guy and >> gary: i love to be yelled at law. one point away from the super bowl. and we have
8:51 pm
a chance at the superbowl. just a couple of games away. this was serious business. and let us go down and take care of business. try to get to the big one. >> we do what we always do. and speak for myself. with a great attitude and to get ready for a great football game. >> here is the story to talk about the atlanta falcons gonzales. his first playoff game of 16 years. he went to cal. the all-american at tight end. he is going to be american hall of fame. he is going to have to be covered, right patrick? >> gonzales has played this game for a long time. a consistently good. he always plays at a high level and
8:52 pm
making big plays. >> he is a tremendous athlete. he has done a lot for this tight end position. i take my hat off to him and very thankful. and he is really crafty and knows how to get it done. >> colin kaepernick and how about gore his contribution? a couple of catches for just 48 yds against the packers. rushing at 1 under and 19 yds. the all-time rushing leader, with careys, yards, touchdowns. he is already, again a running back could get beat up. one franc is done he wants to coach. ladies and gentleman, coaches borfor gore.. >> i love the game of football. and i can tell who is a real football player.
8:53 pm
>> he is a guy that i love working with as a player and i am sure that i would like working with them as a coach. >> greg roman the people thought that he was going to get ahead coachers coachin g position. possibly not going to happen this year. in an odor dame this is quite unusual he is a runner-up for the heisman trophy and the deal breaks down is that let be just simplify this. he parent apparently had an online relationship she passed away with earlier because of leukemia. he went on television and saying that this was entirely a hoax. some of his teammates saying that he was aware that there was no girlfriend but he continued to play up her death. and i do not want to
8:54 pm
hear lance armstrong he already spoke and the odds are that they lied. tiger woods is plotting his biggest comeback, yet. he is romancing his first wife. that is tigers mom. and elin and perhaps the national enquirer stretching it she received $110 million. documented and now she wants a $350 million anti cheating clauses-- >> and i do not know about this but if you love each other. what attracted to you before. for the sake of our kids and the heat to be so blunt and i nevejason says that he is priming bribing her. >> he is already given her
8:55 pm
$120. >> and i have a $500. >> pam: you only have a $5! [laughter] >> and who is going to play joe paterno coming up in a movie/
8:56 pm
8:57 pm
>> they are making a movie of joe paterno was life. happy valley. and playing to
8:58 pm
overturn the will be al pacino. his last football movie was any given sunday. i mentioned that movie the other night. and curt schilling. this poor guy has gone bankrupt with a video game company it is going to a ba auction off this sock he owes 100 and the dollars. >> i do not think that he is going to get $190. it >> pam: good night, everybody. ?v
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